Dental X-rays should only take place after the patient has had an examination and history taken by the referring GDP (General Dental Practitioner) and an appropriate referral that complies with published guidance has been made to DSS; it is then justified by Dental Scanning Services IRMER17 practitioner.

The authority for regulation of ionising radiation (X-rays) in dentistry is the CQC (in England) who regulates the medical exposure of patients and the requirements of IRMER17.

Dental Scanning Services take safety very seriously which is why we have appointed Public Health England as our advisor.

PHE Radiation Protection

Dental Scanning Services has appointed Public Health England as our RPA (Radiation Protection Advisor) and MPE (Medical Physics Expert).

The role of the RPA Is to provide DSS advise about protection of employees and public from
harmful effects of Ionising Radiation.

The role of MPE is to advise on matters relating to radiation protection concerning
medical exposure.