We use a VW Crafter Long Wheeled base van, and although not overly huge, we do require level off road parking when taking a scan.

Many home locations that we are asked to go to, are not suitable so we offer to scan at suitable locations as close to the patient’s home address as possible if they are wanting a home scan.

Image showing van interior

Image of van outside arranged location

Image showing the Carestream 8200 3D Scanner by Visualise 360

Key Benefits

Predictable placement of implants in bone

Planning of grafts (onlay and sinus)

No need to purchase an expensive machine

No need to send your patients to another implant centre or dental practice

Defend against litigation.

Patients are receiving all their care at your clinic

Patients do not have to travel long distances to have a scan

Happy in the knowledge that your patients are being given the best care and service by a small team.